Canby Alliance Church
My Personal Mission Statement:
Phi Theta Kappa Graduate (Magna cum laude)

Throughout each day of my life I strive to be a positive influence to those I come into contact with.

Most of my outlook on life has evolved from my believe in God with redemption through Jesus Christ our Lord and the core values the US Air Force has instilled within me: Integrity first, Service before self, Excellence in all we do. My management and life philosophy have also been strongly influenced by the teachings of Dr. Stephen R. Covey and his Seven Habits philosophy.

Having retired after reaching my career goals, I have continued on the path that I outlined years ago for my retirement. The three goals I have are: First to continue to learn; Second to take that knowledge along with my life experience to help others and the general community as a whole; Third to travel and experience the world that I live in and the people that I share this planet with.

A truism I picked up at one of the management seminars I attended is: People don't resist change they resist being changed. My personal view is that people want change especially if the environment they work in is not ideal. If given a chance, they will change that environment to meet their needs.


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