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Our Mission

We are committed to providing our youths with positive experiences in a team-oriented sport. The game of lacrosse is a way for youths to learn valuable life lessons that allow them to grow into fine young adults. It is not our mission to try to develop every youngster into a college or professional level athlete.

Time to Gear Up!

It's time to get your Canby Lacrosse Gear! Shirts, sweatshirts, jacket, beanine, gear bag, and stadium chair are the featured items. Click the small version of the order form for the bigger version.

Parent/Player Meeting from March 15, 2014

Just updated and re-posted for Spring 2014 Season

Here is the powerpoint presentation from our Parent/Player meeting on March 15 - View on Web or View as ppt.

Concussion Awareness Links and Form

CDC Parent/Athlete Concussion Information Sheet
CDC Fact Sheet for Athletes
CDC Fact Sheet for Parents

Link to Form for Parents and Kids to sign (or as MS Word)


Registration for the spring 2014 season
Paper-Based Registrations will no longer be accepted. Payments can be made in check or credit card only.

We're about to get started:

7/8 Level: Tu-W-F-Sat practices (first practice on March 5)

5/6 Level: M-Th-Sat practices (first practice on March 6)

3/4 Level: Tu-Th-Sat practices (first practice on March 6)

To begin, practices will run from 5:30 to 7:00. 7/8 will go from 9:00 to 11:00 on Saturdays. 5/6 will go from 11:00 to 1:00 on Saturdays. 3/4 will go from 1:00 to 3:00 on Saturdays.

All practices will be held at the Lee/Ackerman campus. We do move around the place as field conditions dictate though.

7/8 and 5/6 levels will be tryouts for the first week or so we will make every effort to split the teams evenly

Program-wide (youth levels) parent meeting on morning of March 15


I want to try it!

Looking for a spring sport that involves a lot of aerobic activity? An activity that does not get rained out? Something with minimal contact (very little at the young youth levels)? A sport where everyone plays and there is simply no way to avoid the action? A sport where most activity is during the game, not during warm-ups?

Is your child very interested in lacrosse, but you don't know how to "try it" without the risk?

Let us know! We'll loan you a stick and a few balls to get started. We'll even help to connect you with kids you may know who are already playing! We do have a limited supply of loaner gear for first year players for the season too!

I have questions...

If you have any questions, please email Curtis Nelson. An email asking questions does NOT in any way commit you to anything.

Looking for Sponsors

Are you interested in sponsoring our program? We have an exciting thing going already. However,  there are lots of expenses. We have covered the "core" costs already, but we need more help. We want to acquire practice jerseys, extra sticks, more balls, and practice goals/targets.

We already have some sponsors and are incredibly grateful for their generosity. If you would like to sponsor our team, please visit our sponsors page.

Email List

Want to be a member of our email list? Click here and tell Curt that you want to be on the list.

Contact Information

CYL Board Members:

Curtis Nelson, President 503-263-2059
Don McDonald, Vice-President 503-266-2840
Jeff Saltmarsh, Treasurer 503-266-3857
Sandy Kahut, Secretary 503-266-2918
Loren Bell, Member-at-Large 503-318-8865
Jenne Parker, Member-at-Large 503-341-2292
Pam Boyer, Member-at-Large 503-266-6211


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