Claes Jansen Romeyn
21 Jul [1752]; Jan Claeszen; Claes; Jan Pieterszen, Tryntie Pieters
  18 Dec [1681]; Child, Gesbrechtje; parents, Klaas Jansz Romeijn and Stijntje Alberts; witnesses, Albert Albertsz and Hendrikje Stephens.
12 Aug [1683];  Child, Lijsbeth; parents, Klaas Jansz Romein and Stijntje Aalberts; witnesses, Jan Albertsz, Geertje Pieters. dated 12 August 1683 New Utrecht.

p. 117 1678, July 28
    Aeltje; parents:  Johannis Christoffel, Marrij Johnannes; witnesses: Klaes Jansen, Khatarina van der Beeck
p. 125 1686, May 2
    Albert; parents: Klaes Jansen Romijn; Stijnten Alberts; witnesses:  Dirck Jansen, Aeltje van der Beeck
p. 157 1678, March 31
    Davidt; father:  Willem van Barculo; godfather:  Stoffel Jansz; godmother:  Steijntie Alberts

p. 98  Dec. 16, 1666. Lysebet Jans, widow of Jan Claesen, deceased, engaged to Auke Jans.  The said Lysbet Jans has chilren which she bore to Jan Claessen, deceased, excepting a son named Johannes Cristoffels, whom she bore to Cristoffels Schaeten.  The children of Jan Clessen are Leysebet Jans, Claes Jansen, and Cristoffel Jans.  The said Leysebet Jans is married to Willem Jansen van Barkeloo.  (Flatush Town Records, Liber D, page 85.)

[vol. 3, p. 59-67--Van Barkelo Family]
Record Commission, Kings County NY, Flatbush Town Records, Liber D. Court Minutes, Vol. 1, 1665-1670, pg. 189.  Translated abstract from the Dutch original.
Appeared before us, the undersigned Magistrates & Overseers of the Court of Midwout, Leysebet Jans, widow of Jan Claessen, dec. & at present married to Auke Jans.  Leysebe Jans has some surviving children which she bore by Jan Claesz., dec'd., excepting a son she bore by Christoffels Schates.  The children born by Jan Claes, dec'd. are :  Leysebet Jans, Claes Jansen & Christoffel Jansen.  The aforesaid Leysebet has agreed to all love & frienship with the appointed guardians, viz., Tuenes Helbrant Van Dickhuys & Jan Sueberen, that the said children shall received for their father's patrimony or inheritance once & for all as follows:  viz., Johannes Christoffel shall have 400 guilders, which he has already received.  Lysbet now married to William Jansz Van Borkeloo, shall have 400 guilders.  Claes & Christoffel Jans shall have 1000 guilders of 500 guilders each when they shall become of age or arive at the marriage day.  They shall receive 1 heifer which they have received & which shall remain on shares with their step-father & mother as long as they live, provided that the said children shall receive the whole profit thereof except the butter & milk, provided also that Auke Jans and wife Elysebet Jans shall treat & rear said children Claes & Christoffel as a father & mother should their own children.  Executed 12/16/1666.  Signed Aucke Jans Van Nuys.  Elysabet Jans[by mark], Tomus Hillabrant, Jan Suebering, Jane Aersen Vandebyldt [bby mark]. Jan Hansen, Willem Jansz. Van Barkeloo.
p. 244.  Claes or Klaes Jansen, emigrated to this country about 1653, m. May 2, 1680, Styntje Albertse Terhune.  Of Fld in 1679 and '92.  Mar. 3, 1659, he bought of Wm. Comton of Gd platation-lot No. 23.  Rev. Theodorus B. Romeyn, a descendant, says Claes emigrated at first from Holland to Brazil, and then to N. N. in 1661, settling at first at New Amersfoort (Fld), afterwards at Haccensack, N. J., and finally at Greenwich, where he died.  Of this have seen no account on our local or State records.  Issue:--Gerrebrechtje, bp. Dec. 18, 1681, in Fld, m. David Ackerman;  Lysbeth, bp. Aug. 12, 1683, in N. U., m. 2d James Slingerlant; Albert, bp. May2, 1686 at Br; Jan Claesen; Rachel, b. 1700, m. Joris Van Giesen; (sup.) Sarah, m. Hendrick Van Giesen; and Daniel--all of whom settled in Bergen Co., N. J.  Signed his name "Klas Jansen".
  p. 139
       The Romeyns, Romaines, and Romins, of Berg County claim to be of Italian lineage, which they trace to one Giacomo de Ferentino, an Italian gentlemen who settled at Rongham Manor, Norfolkshire, England, in the early part of the 13th century and married an English lady, Isabella de Rucham, by whom he had issue 2 sons, one whom was Peter.  This Peter was sent to Rome to be educated and on his return took the surname of Romaeyn (Peter the Roman).  He married a daughter of Thomas de Leicester.  Many of Peter's descendants become noted men in England, one of then, Jan Romeyn, went from England to the Low countries (Holland) and settled in Amsterdam.  He had several children, among who were Claes Jansen, Simeon Jansen, and Christofer Jansen.  Claes and christofer sailed from Rotterdam, Holland to Brazil, as members of an expedition to that coutry commanded by Prince Maurice of Nassau.  Soon after arriving in Brazil that country was ceded to Portugal, and thereupon the two Romeyns sailed for America.  There is a disagreement as to the date when they arrived, but is probably about 1661.  They settled first at New Amersfoort, L.I.  Christopehre married in 1673 Grietie Pieters Wyckoff, and settled in Monmouth County, N.J.
       Claes married (it is said) May 2, 1630, Styntie Alberts Terhune, and in 1690 went to Hackensac, where he bought 4 Indiah fields between the Saddle River and the Hackensack River, called in his deed Wierimus, Paskack, Gemagkie, and Marroasonek.  These 4 tracts were north of Paramus on the east side of the Saddle River.  He did not locate on these lands, but returned to New York and located in the Greenwich district of the city, where he died.  His children, to whom he devised all his lands on his death, divided them into farms and mutally released or sold to actual settlers.  Claes Janssen's children of the second generation were: 1.  Gerrebrect
2.  Elizabeth
3.  Lydia
4.  Albert C.
5.  John C.
6.  Rachel
7.  Sarah
8.  Daniel
  p. 129
[List of Gravesend, Long Island Rateables]
Clause Johnsonn
5   Cowes                               0 2 1
2   Cowes of 3 years               0 0 8
1   Cow of 2 years                  0 0 2 1/2
2   Horses                               0 2 0
1   Horse of 1 year                  0 0 3
44 acors land                          0 3 8
1  person                                0 1 6
[total]                                     0 10 4 1/2
  Abstracts of Wills. Vol. III--1730-1744.
p. 2  "In the name of God, Amen.  This 31 day of October, 1718, I, CLAAS ROMEYN, of the outward of the City of New York, being in perfect health.  I bequeath my soul into the hands of Almighty God who gave it me, trusting to be saved through the only merit of my Saviour and Redeemer, Jesus Christ. And as touching the disposal of my temporal estate as follows.  I leave to my wife, Chrystintie Romeyn, for her natural life (she remainging my widow and not otherwise), all my estate, real and personal.  After her death I give to my eldest son, John Romeyn, if preference to all other gifts, all that land and farm now in my possession, on New York island, which I bought of Captain Edward Blagge, and he is to pay for the same, for the use of all my heris, the sum of 600 Pounds.  If he refuses to do, my executors are to sell the same, and my son Samuel is to have the use of 100 Pounds for six years without interest. The 600 Pounds of the proceeds of the farm, are to be divided among my children and grandchildren, namely, John, Albert, Daniel, and Samuel Romeyn, Gertrude, wife of Danie [David] Akerman.  The four children of my daughter Leysbet, wife of John Sabrissie, deceased (for one share), Lydia, wife of Johanes Slingerland, and Saertie, wife of Hendrick Van Giesen.  All the rest of my estate, after my wife's decease, is to go to all my children.  I appoint my sons, John, Daniel, and Albert, executors." Witnesses, Esther Chevalier, Rip Van Dam, Jr., Stephen Bayard.  Proved, November 16, 1730, before Frederick Morris, "being by me delegated thereto." John Montgomerie.
  p. 161  1695, Dec. 2 [Writ of Election for a General Assembly] with return of John Browen and John Treat for Newark, John Harriman senior and William Looker senior for Elizabethtown, Albert Terhorne and Claes Jansonromin for New Barbados and Achquickanunck; by Sherrif John Gardner.
p. 162 1698 Dec. 1.  [Writ of Election for a General Assembly] with the return of Elias Macheilson, Claus John Romine, John Treat, Jasper Craine, John Harriman senior and Andrew Hamton for Essex Co.; by Sherrif Wm. Sandford.
p. 279 1697, Nov. 30. Patent to Clause Yansen Romine of New Barbados Neck, Essex Co., for 600 acres in said Co., S. W. Sadle River, on all sides unsurveyed, including 20 a. of meadow on the West side of Pescack R., S. E. from the first tract and at the rear of Gawen Lawrie on Hackingsack R.  (Liber F, p. 545)
p. 282 1696, May 15.  [Deed].  John Berry of Bergen Co. to Claes Yansen Romine of Essex Co., for 150 morgens (200 ares), S. E. Hackingsack R., N. E. Albert Albertson Turhune, N. W. a branch, S. W. Urion Luberts; also 15 morgens of meadow, down Hackingsack R., lot No. 10.  (Liber F, p. 567)
p. 282 1697, Sept 10. [Deed].  [John Berry of Bergen Co., to Claes Yansen Romine of Essex Co., ] for 360 acres in essex Co., S. E. Folker Hanson, N. W. fresh meadow and swamp adjoing, William Bertholfe, Nico. Devo and Sadle River.  (Liber F., p. 569)
p. 282 1696, Nov. 5. [Deed]. [John Berry of Bergen Co., to Claes Yansen Romine of Essex Co.,] for lot No.1 of Hackingsack meadows, formerly surveyed for Antony Antonyseen.  (Liber F., 571)

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