Claes Janse Romeyn

ABT 1652--born
21 Jul 1652--Claes, a son of Jan Claesen, christened at the Dutch Reformed Church of New Amsterdam, New Netherlands.  Witnesses were:  Jan Pieterzen; Tryntie Pieters
23 Jul 1678--Claes was a witness to the baptism of  Aaltje Schaers, daughter of Johanees Christoffelse Schaers and Maritje Willemse Bennet.  The other witness was Catharina van der Beek
2 May 1680--marriage to Styntje Albertse Terhune
18 Dec 1681--Claes was present as the father at Gesbrechtje Claese Romeyn's christening in Flatbush, at the Dutch Reformed Church. Styntje Albertse Terhune was the mother.  Hendrikje Stephens and Albert Albertse Terhune Jr. were witnesses.
1683--A Clause Johnson appears on the tax lists of Gravesend, Long Island
12 Aug 1683--As Lysbeth Romeyn's father, Claes presented her at baptism, New Utrecht, Kings's Co, NY, 12 Aug 1683.2   Witnesses were:  Grietje Pieterse Wyckoff and Jan Albertse Terhune.
 2 Dec 1695--He resided in New Barbados, Essex Co, NJ.  "Claes Jansonromin and Albert Terhune are noted to have made the elections returns for New Barbados and Achquickanunck. 1695, Dec. 2 "[Writ of Election for a General Assembly] with return of John Browen and John Treat for Newark, John Harriman senior and William Looker senior for Elizabethtown, Albert Terhorne and Claes Jansonromin for New Barbados and Achquickanunck; by Sherrif John Gardner."
15 May 1696--John Berry of Bergen Co. to Claes Yansen Romine of Essex Co., 150 morgens (200 ares), S. E. Hackingsack R., N. E. Albert Albertson Turhune, N. W. a branch, S. W. Urion Luberts; also 15 morgens of meadow, down Hackingsack R., lot No. 10.  (Liber F, p. 567)
5 Nov 1696--John Berry of Bergen Co., to Claes Yansen Romine of Essex Co., for lot No.1 of Hackingsack meadows, formerly surveyed for Antony Antonyseen.  (Liber F., 571)
10 Sep 1697--John Berry of Bergen Co., to Claes Yansen Romine of Essex Co.,  for 360 acres in Essex Co., S. E. Folker Hanson, N. W. fresh meadow and swamp adjoing, William Bertholfe, Nico. Devo and Sadle River.  (Liber F., p. 569)
30 Nov 1697--Patent to Clause Yansen Romine of New Barbados Neck, Essex Co., for 600 acres in said Co., S. W. Sadle River, on all sides unsurveyed, including 20 a. of meadow on the West side of Pescack R., S. E. from the first tract and at the rear of Gawen Lawrie on Hackingsack R. (Liber F, p. 545)
no date--after Dec. 9, 1697--Petition of __________ Romany and others, inhabitants of "New Ears", for license to purchase the four Indian fields, lying in Orange County, between Saddle River and Hackensack, known by the names of Wiremen's, Peskeeck, Gomagkie and Narrasonck.
1 Dec 1698-- Claes John Romine and Elias Macheilson, John Treat, Jasper Craine and John Harriman, Sr. made return of the election results for Essex Co, NJ to Sherrif Wm. Sandford.
21 Jun 1700--Claes Janse Romine and Styntie Albertse witnessed the baptism in Hackensack, Bergen Co, NJ at the Hackensack Dutch Reformed Church of Johans Albertse Terhune, son of Albert Albertse Terhune and Weyntie Brickers
20 Jan 1715--Claes Romine, yeoman, of Bergen Co., New Jersey to Paulus vander Beck, yeoman, of same [p]90, 60 acres, west side of Hackensack River, joining John Bardan and David Ackerman...line of Poulus vander Beck and Isaac van Giesen.  Signed Claes Romine.  Wit:  Jan Bardan, Jan [X] Verway and Jorst Ryersen.
23 Apr 1715--Claes and Carhina Romine, yeoman, of Bergen Co, New Jersey to John Romine, of same, [p]400, west side of Hackensack River and next to Saddle River...line of Isaac van Giesen and Jurion Westervelt...paid to heirs of John Berry...indenture made 15 July 1696 between John Berry and Clase Romine, father to the said John Romine.  Signed Claes Romine and Carhina (X) Romine. Wit: David Ackerman, John Bardan, Thomas van Boskerk and George Ryerson
31 Oct 1716--Claes and Styntie Romine were witnesses in New York at the Dutch Reformed Church of Aeltje Staff, daughter of John Staff and Aeltje Schaers.
4 Feb 1719--Claes and Styntie Romine were witnesses in New York at the Dutch Reformed Church of Aeltje Staff, daughter of John Staff and Aeltje Schaers
31 Oct 1719--Claes wrote his will

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