Update Your Outgoing Email Settings

With the update to our email platform we will be standardizing our security requirements in-line with modern common practices. The major change that may affect you is our outgoing server will now require authentication. This just means that you may need to add your email and password to your outgoing settings the same way it's set up with your incoming email. This allows us to authenticate you on our mail server and block spammers easily.

In general your outgoing settings should have authentication turned ON and set with your email and password.

The settings for your outgoing server should be as follows:

Host name: "mail.mydirectlink.net"
Username: your full email address
Password: your password
Server port: 587
SSL or secure connection: ON

Many of your email programs will automatically be set up with outgoing authentication in place, but incase it's not we've provided a few tutorials that will help you change it on various email programs.

Below are a few tutorials to show how to update your outgoing settings on some of the most popular email clients: