Internet Troubleshooting

You will have one of a few different possible types of Internet connections with your provider. Web-ster Internet connections mainly use either a DSL modem or a fiber connection. Provided with your Internet subscription is a speed rate usually quoted in megabits per second (e.g. 3.0 Mbps).

Note: If you are connected to the Internet but think you aren't getting the full speed visit the Internet speed troubleshooting page.

DSL Modem

If you have DSL service (digital subscriber line) you will have been provided a modem (modulator-demodulator). For DSL modem information and setup instructions click here.

Fiber Optic Connection

If you have Fiber Optic service with your provider you will have Ethernet connections installed for your Internet connection and do not need a modem. When fiber is installed in your house, there will be an Ethernet jack dedicated for Internet. For fiber connection information and troubleshooting tips click here.